Session Tips

1) The best tip for a great session, in my opinion, is to make sure that you and the person you choose as your photographer are on the same page as far as what to expect. You want to make sure you like the style of photography and that you relay any details with a clear voice. We might be meeting each other for the first time, so let’s make sure we get to know each other a little before your session.

2) Scheduling sessions during a certain time of the day makes a huge difference! Some people see sunny days with zero clouds as a good thing, while honestly the harsh lighting can be way worse than a fully overcast day! (Personally, I love a little cloud coverage!!) During the middle of a sunny day, the sun casts shadows from anything including trees hanging overhead to other people standing next to you in the image, leaving some people in the light, and some in the shade. Gazing into the sun is also bad for obvious reasons, and often times leaves people squinting and making unattractive faces. I prefer shooting an hour or two before sunset, during what is referred to as “golden hour”. Sometimes different times are scheduled due to little ones cooperation during family sessions, etc…but this is my preferred time of day for the majority of my sessions.

3) Choosing a good location is also very important. What style fits you best? Wheat fields and tree farms, or downtown rustic doorways and old staircases? If you have a location in mind…GREAT! If not, I’d love to choose one for you. By allowing me to do the choosing, I can find a location during a specific time of day that fits your needs, while also allowing me ample opportunities for lighting and control of the environment. I love when clients choose a location for me that I don’t use often or see every other photographer using, but sometimes it can be challenging to know what I am working with until I arrive for your session. Generally, I like to see what clients are going to wear ahead of time, so I can choose a location that compliments their style and color selection.

4) Choose outfits that play up your features. The more you plan your session, the better your photos will be. A good rule of thumb for family sessions is to choose outfits that coordinate with the room in your home where you will be displaying your photos. I always coordinate with my clients prior to their shoot, and make sure they’re on the right track. If someone needs help, that’s what I’m here for!

5) Bring extra outfits if you want! This way you will have a selection of different looks. For most family sessions 1-2 outfits is all there’s time for. But for singular or couple sessions, 2-3 is a bit more feasible.

6) Let’s chat about it some more! The more we communicate with one another regarding what you want from our session, the better I will be able to deliver those things to you.

7) Add statement jewelry or other accessories for the perfect pop of color or to tie an outfit together.

8) For many portrait sessions, especially ENGAGEMENTS, SENIORS & BOUDOIRS, I recommend getting a little glammed up! These photos could be around for a very long time however, so don’t overdo it. Simple is best. If you need hair and makeup done, I¬†HIGHLY recommend Behrens Artistry! Lindsey and her team of hair/makeup artists are my absolute FAVORITES!

9) Don’t sweat the small stuff! Blemishes, scratches, scars, and little imperfections can be easily edited.

10) Relax and have fun!

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