About Me


I am so happy you found your way to my website and are interested in my work. Being almost entirely self-taught, photography is something that I love because of what it has shown me about myself and what I’m capable of achieving. I have never in my life had a career where I worked as many hours, poured my heart and soul into more, or felt as personally satisfied as I do with photography.

If you have never met me before, you probably don’t know the following things:

I have a ridiculously handsome 6 year old little boy named Asher Reece. (We are currently still sinching the waist of ALL of his pants to the size of a standard 4 year old. So therefore, I never know the age of other people’s children just by looking at them, even though I photograph more families than anything else.)

I’m a HUGE traveler and have been all over the world. Like, ALL OVER! So far, EVERYWHERE in Europe is my favorite! #hygge

I change my favorite color regularly.

I’m obsessed with accents. Like, it’s a problem.

I am a HUGE foodie! Champagne, cheese, bread, and coffee are my hard fast essential go-to’s. And I rely on each equally for survival. #foodislife

I’m a firm believer in karma. So even if life isn’t fair at times, I TRY to always be positive and just keep going…and I always strive to be good to people.

I am determined, hard working, fun, energetic, easy going, chatty, happy, optimistic and kind. A Sagittarius and ENFP to my core.

I consistently function well on very little sleep.

I live a life of passion in all areas. It’s intense, it pulls people in, it pushes people away. But I am who I am, and I believe that life is too short not to be lived fully or with intent.

A lot of my clients end up becoming my friends.

Effort is my FAVORITE relationship quality. In any relationship.

I’m currently working on writing a children’s book series, publishing a travel and lifestyle blog, and trying to fit back into my college jeans…all while [thinking about] learning French and attempting to understand the constant battle between carbs, proteins and fats.


In my business, the relationships I create with my clients mean more to me than any other aspect of my job. For this reason, I choose not to specialize in just one area of photography. I want to be part of people’s memories for more than just a single event in their life. That feeling catapults me into achieving and discovering even more about this business, in an effort to leave my clients with something truly memorable. Since becoming a photographer, I’ve photographed everything from engagements, weddings, newborns, pregnancies, children and families, fitness athletes, boudoir, and high school seniors and have traveled all over the United States and internationally for work. I look back and feel incredibly proud of the risks I’ve taken to get where I am and love being able to share that with others.

If you’d like to schedule a session with me or would like more information, please feel free to email me at hello@lakenfultonphotography.com.


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