Senior Representative Catie | Boise, ID Senior & Portrait Photographer

Meet the gorgeous and awesome Catie! This girl totally rocked her session. You know how I know? Because I’ve been scheduling senior consults like crazy ever since I posted the first photo from her session! If you loved this session, be excited to see her do THREE more with me during her duration at Vallivue High School. Here are some more details:

Catie is my blonde SENIOR REP for the 2014-2015 school year. Through the collaboration of myself and hair and makeup by the AMAZING Lindsey Behrens of Behren’s Artistry, we chose three senior models for the school year that would help represent and promote our businesses. Each different and unique senior beauty will receive a photo session with hair and makeup included during each and every season until they graduate. What’s up with the season thing? Well, I’ll tell you.

I had this idea that was truly my own original thought, that I honestly believed to be uniquely fantastic! And while I’m sure it has already been done by someone somewhere, it came to me completely unhindered by anything else I’d ever seen. I wanted to offer packages to seniors during the duration of their final year of high school, where they had a session during each season. Largely in part because I thought this would be an absolutely amazing thing to experience given that at this age in their lives, they are constantly changing into the people they will be when they leave home to have their own adventures. A documentation of the end of one journey, and the beginning of the next.

Plus, who can choose just one season to take their senior photos during? They really seem to be catching on, since I’ve already booked several senior sessions with multiple seasons. I am absolutely thrilled to be offering them and I can’t wait to share the result throughout the year, and finally the finished product by the time graduation gets here! Thank you Lindsey Behrens for helping me with this project, and thank you to all my fabulous models that will be gracing my website and studio walls this year!

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A Family Session & Cake Smash | Boise, ID Family & Portrait Photographer

TA-DA!! So, this family session probably TAKES THE CAKE as far as one of my all time favorites!! (haha…get it!?) GORGEOUS-NESS all around and such a wonderful little family. Cooperative baby, outfit coordinator extraordinare Mom, super assistant sister who came along to help, and smiles all around. And HENRY (who turned ONE this month) was such a TROOPER! Those big blue eyes…UH!…I was gushing all over the place the entire time!! (Except when I was shooting too close to a bee hive and got stung in the LEG! OUCH!!!!!! There wasn’t a lot of smiling going on then, but you can bet I curbed the swear words around the wee little ones. Kudos to me!)

Amanda came to me with an idea for her session only a week in advance and we met just prior to make sure everything would go smoothly. The morning light was magnificent and we were able to wrap up right before it got too warm. Then back to my downtown studio for a little cake smash at the end, where all the decorations and cake were made by this rockstar Mom.

Seriously, I am so in love with this session! A little planning and coordinating with your photographer really pays off! The more time you put into your session, the better the outcome. And this family helps me prove this point perfectly! I can only do what I can do…the rest is up to you!  I only hope I get to photograph this amazing family for years to come! Please! Pretty please!

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Munoz-Grigsby Wedding | Pasco, WA Wedding Photographer

Meet Amanda and Jack. I drove to Pasco, WA and back for this beautiful wedding, and these two were nothing but welcoming and appreciative. The day went anything but planned but we absolutely rolled with it anyways! Even the trip over itself included several unforseen surprises, including possible food poisoning and a hefty Oregon speeding ticket. The weather was hot and bright, and then windy and sprinkly, but they laughed, and danced, and enjoyed their perfect day regardless. The reveal and vows made me cry (as per usual) and standing back from a distance, I couldn’t help but want to jump in and participate! So much fun and love between family and friends, what a great support for them throughout their lives together.

They are such a wonderful blessing in each other’s lives and I wish them many MANY years of wedded bliss! What an absolute pleasure to be a part of.

Congrats you two!!

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Lake-Green Wedding | Boise, ID Wedding Photographer

Meet Bo & Allison. These two were married in May at the Barber Park Event Center in Boise, ID and the day couldn’t have been more perfect! The weather was fantastic, and we were even able to have a little cloud coverage for photos, even though the day was so sunny and bright.

Before their engagement session, I had only met Allison during our consult. I have known Bo and his family for years and my sister is married to his cousin, but I immediately felt comfortable around them together. Throughout the day, we laughed, we cried (I say WE because I too teared up) and laughed some more. I mingled with guests, made some new friends, and I think I might have even danced with them a little towards the end.

Their personalities are both so much fun to be around and they exuberated so much love towards each other, it was such an honor to be a part of. The food and music were amazing and their family were so welcoming and kind. What can I say, I just LOVE weddings! Congratulations you two!! I wish you nothing but years upon years UPON YEARS of happiness!

Venue: Barber Park Event Center

DJ: David Maxwell

Dress: Margene’s Bridal

Flowers: Dacia Hill

Cake: Penni Giles & Bev Clagg

Caterer: Goodwood BBQ

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Alex & Bonnie | Boise, ID Engagement & Wedding Photographer

Anyone who knows me at all, knows how much I love COLOR! And The Soda Works and Just Baked did not dissapoint. Full of ecclectic gifts and goodies and run by the sweetest family, it was the perfect first stop for this engagement session with Alex and Bonnie. There were so many awesome details to take in, I’m not sure that I could have fully appreciated it all if I WASN’T photographing everything! So much awesome-ness in one place…everyone needs to check it out!

Meeting Alex & Bonnie for the first time during their engagement session, it was so fun seeing these two together! And they’re both so GOOD LOOKING, right? I can’t wait for their wedding! 

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